A visitor to the Isle of Man

IMG_6675Just for a change, a few activities at home with our friend Viv, who is over for a few days. The weather has been so good we are able to venture out over 3 and a half days for:

  1. A Segway ride in the forest   ( http://www.segway.im/ )
  2. A boat trip around the Calf of Man ( https://shonaboattrips.wixsite.com/calftrips )
  3. A trike ride around the TT course ( https://www.iomtriketours.com/ )
  4. A visit to a Viking Castle ( https://manxnationalheritage.im/our-sites/peel-castle/ )
  5. Not to mention of course food at various establishments on the island.
Segway with view out to the Irish Sea

A Segway ride is one of our favourite holiday activities in order to see various parts of a destination. The one in the South Baroule plantation is the most challenging one of the 5 different locations where we have Segwayed (is that a word?).

Whilst some of the paths are flat, there are some tracks that are decidedly uneven including an uphill section which, when wet is even more challenging than it was on today.

Viv had never been on a Segway before so the early lessons for her were invaluable but by the time we had completed the two circuits she was an expert.

An added bonus is that we now appear on the promotional video that Segway Isle of Man have produced. https://www.facebook.com/segwaypt.im/videos/1757624800995758/

Drinking Dragon – off The Calf of Man

We were reasonably lucky with the weather for the boat trip on Shona https://www.facebook.com/Shona-Boat-Trips-From-Port-Erin-407230646132188/ but not so lucky with the wildlife sightings.

The trips are either to land on the Calf of Man – and hope they pick you up later as there are no facilities there – or around the Calf of Man on the boat. The only human inhabitants being a couple of wardens.

Often you are able to get up close and personal with Basking sharks and a few different types of dolphins with sometimes seals and bird life of different varieties but this time these were only visible from a distance.

The Calf of Man is nature reserve where they are trying to re-introduce Puffins which suffered at the hands of the long tails (you can’t call them r.ts in the Isle of Man – it’s bad luck) but culling of the long tails, placing of plastic puffins at strategic places and recorded puffin mating calls will hopefully bring them back.

The trike ride around the TT course was something I had done before but you learn something different each time and it was Viv’s first so it was all new to her.

That’s how to get around the island

One place we ventured out to which we hadn’t been to before in our 18 years of residency was Peel castle.

Peel Castle is a castle in Peel on the west side of the island, originally constructed by Vikings. The Castle is on a small island (St Patrick’s Isle) although there is a well protected road linking the two nowadays.

Owned now by the Manx National Heritage, there are some very well preserved features and buildings with the tower being one of the better features.

Sadly Viv’s visit was all too short as we all have plans for other travels, ours to Jersey to look after grandson Harry for a couple of weeks during the school summer holidays.

20180215_111904We did however, have time for refreshments at The Shed in Laxey, one of our favourite coffee stops on the island. (for details see it’s Facebook page)

Visiting the Isle of Man? A good starting point is here: https://www.visitisleofman.com/





Author: Richard

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