20180916_154452Sunday 16 September

Today is a day for a family visit to Ulverston to see a cousin of Sally’s who she hasn’t seen for over 60 years – it’s a long story as to why but latterly, we have to thank the power of Facebook for easier communication.

Jill moved there from near Hawkshead a couple of years ago and whilst Sally and Jill discussed family history matters and as you can imagine, there was a lot of catching up to do, I struggled with a new printer that Jill had bought but was not able to get working.

20180916_154445Lunch was in the nearby Stan Laurel pub and it was clear that she was well known there albeit for food and soft drinks – usually.

Sunday lunch fare was excellent and of course we couldn’t leave without trying on a couple of bowler hats in true Laurel and Hardy fashion.

Why the pub’s fascination with Stan Laurel? Well, he was born in the town although of course he performed mostly in the USA but the pub is “dining out” on the connection and why not.20180916_131150

Lunch over, we continued family matters and printer troubleshooting the upshot of which is that whilst Sally came away with some valuable family history information, Jill now has a working printer/scanner albeit the instructions appear to be in Latvian or a similar language.

20180916_180201The time went very quickly but we were able to have a quick drive afterwards to Piel island and Castle and along the coast road back to the hotel.

Having never travelled around the area before, it was surprisingly interesting.

Monday 17 September

A bit of shopping before heading for the ferry home – strong winds overnight forecast so the next sailing is cancelled. We were lucky.



Author: Richard

Blogged since retirement at "thereadrovers" "morereadrovers" "morereadrovers1" but now on our 4th blog, "morereadrovers2". Our "Gap Year" (or 6+) has seen visits to over 60 countries since retirement. Travel definitely broadens the mind - I hope at least some of my postings inspire others to go to the places I have been to even if my log is really more of a diary.

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